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Welcome to yesteryear

The year is approximately 1931.

The waning years of that failed experiment known as Prohibition.

Many of the posh nightclubs operated underground and were decorated to-the-nines. Places like The Cotton Club, The Stork Club, 21, Chumley's, The Landmark and Connie's Inn operated with impunity in New York City.

Our Club pays homage to these lost classics.

As you sit in our comfortable Zebra chairs copied from New York's famed El Morocco nightclub, dine in casual elegance and enjoy a sumptuous menu prepared by our Chef.

31 was also conceived as a tribute to Ormond Beach.

Featuring some of the remaining artwork of Frederick Dana Marsh, owner, and builder of the Battleship House.

Several of Marsh's Bas-Reliefs from the interior of the house can be seen adorning the walls. The Amazon, Timicuan Princess, and Timicuan Chief are formidable works of art that were fortunately saved from extinction.

Our main bar and one of our proudest features were salvaged from a long forgotten speakeasy in Cicero Chicago, a suburb brutally controlled by Al Capone in the 1920’s.

It was often said, “If you smell Gunpowder, then you’re in Cicero.”

Sit back, enjoy a cocktail at this piece of American history

& imagine which seat Al Capone himself used to occupy…

Open hours today: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
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