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About Sporty Express Car Wash

Sporty’s Express Car Wash is a state-of-the-art, conveyor-driven, automated wash.

Offering UNLIMITED outside wash packages, a Towel Exchange Program, Gift Cards, Fundraising Opportunities, FREE VACUUMS*, and the one and only “Sporty Zebra”, we aim to “Get Your Car In The Game” with our quality is driven Car Wash.

When you wash at Sporty’s you're not only saving time, you’re saving much more!

We only use the best NON-Toxic/Biodegradable Chemicals, we have a special VFD that keeps us from having power spikes allowing us to drive down the electricity used, and Our Eco-Friendly wash uses up to 80 gallons of water LESS than hand washing. This process not only helps keep the environment clean, but we keep money in your pocket!

Please feel free to wander the site and ask any questions you might have! Each page is equipped to get in touch without the management team directly.

*Free Vacuums for paid guests only