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Trusted Medical Care: Top Doctors in Daytona Beach

Navigating the medical landscape can be challenging, especially when seeking top-notch care in a new location. In the Daytona Beach area, however, residents and visitors are fortunate to have access to several highly-rated medical professionals. Whether it’s for a routine check-up, specialist care, or dental services, Daytona Beach has some exceptional options to consider. Here’s a rundown of some of the area’s most trusted doctors:

  1. West Volusia Family and Sports Medicine:
    • Website:
    • Overview: Specializing in family and sports medicine, this clinic has a longstanding reputation for providing comprehensive and compassionate care. Their approach combines traditional medical practices with innovative techniques to cater to patients of all ages and health needs.
  2. Dr. Steven M. Popok, MD:
    • Website:
    • Overview: Affiliated with Halifax Health, Dr. Popok has established himself as a reliable and dedicated practitioner. With a patient-centered approach, he focuses on ensuring that his patients receive holistic care tailored to their individual needs.
  3. Dr. Anthony A. Ombogo:
    • Website:
    • Overview: Dr. Ombogo’s commitment to his patients shines through in his dedication to ongoing medical education and personalized care strategies. His association with a range of medical boards and institutions reinforces his reputation in the Daytona Beach medical community.
  4. Dr. Jerry L. Waikins, MD:
    • Website:
    • Overview: Serving the veteran community through the Orlando VA system, Dr. Waikins has become known for his clinical expertise and compassionate approach to care. His dedication to serving those who have served the nation speaks volumes about his commitment to medical excellence.
  5. Dr. Gordon Jones:

The Daytona Beach area is home to a myriad of top-tier medical professionals, ensuring that locals and visitors alike have access to quality healthcare. Whether you’re in need of a general check-up, specialist intervention, or simply want to establish care in the area, these doctors come highly recommended by their peers and patients. Always remember to consult directly with any medical professional or establishment to ensure they meet your specific health needs.


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